paul-morando 3
The US Army Museum system faces many unique challenges when it comes to creating a web presence. The system consists of 178 different museums and historical holdings around the world and consists of an estimated 600,000 artifacts. The museum division falls under the Center for Military History and is headquartered […]

Paul Morando, Director, U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum

jon-voss 3
Jon Voss is the Strategic Partnerships Director at Shift Design, mainly working on the project, Historypin. He is responsible for U.S. fundraising initiatives, and client/community development, as well as managing the U.S. based Historypin projects and community officers. He is also co-founder of the International Linked Open Data in Libraries, […]

Jon Voss, Strategic Partnerships Director, Historypin

jeffrey-inscho 3
Jeffrey Inscho is a creative technologist based in Pittsburgh, PA. He currently leads emerging media initiatives at the Innovation Studio, the research, design, and development laboratory at Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. His professional work lives at the intersection of technology, cultural narrative and interaction. Our interview focused on his work on […]

Jeffrey Inscho, Creative Technologist, Innovation Studio

sarah-lumbard 3
Sarah Lumbard is the Digital Curator at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) and has been in her position for about a year. She leads the digital vision, strategy, and operations for the museum. Prior to joining the USHMM, Sarah worked at NPR for nearly five years leading the news […]

Sarah Lumbard, Digital Curator, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

dana-mitroff-silvers 14
  Dana Mitroff Silvers is the founder and director of Designing Insights, a consulting firm specializing in design thinking and web strategy. Having previously led the website redesign project at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, a project which has greatly influenced her current work, she is now a […]

Dana Mitroff Silvers, Design Thinking and Web Strategy Consultant

joshua-jeffery 11
Joshua Jeffery is the former Manager of Digital Engagement at the Andy Warhol Museum. Recently, he made a leap to the for-profit world, accepting a position at Google as an Experience Center Lead where he is incorporating his past work with museums and theater (and his love of roller coasters) to design engaging […]

Joshua Jeffery, Experience Center Lead at Google and Founder of ...

jane-alexander 12
As Director of Information Management and Technology Services for the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA), Jane Alexander was one of the driving forces behind the uber successful Gallery One project and ArtLens mobile app.  Both of these efforts have transformed the CMA into one of the most engaging cultural institutions […]

Jane Alexander, Director of Information Management and Technology for CMA

stephanie-pau 12
Stephanie Pau, currently Content Producer for Mobile Interpretive Media at SFMOMA, spoke with us about her career path, the importance of audience research and evaluation, digital trends, and the role mobile media will play in the new SFMOMA, set to re-open in 2016. Prior to rejoining SFMOMA in September, Stephanie […]

Stephanie Pau, Content Producer for Mobile Media, SFMOMA

layla-masri 1
Layla Masri is president of the interactive design firm Bean Creative. Layla spoke with us about usability, interactives, and developing web projects for multiple types of users and devices. Though it may seem like a career change, Layla describes how her experiences in marketing and journalism have helped her in […]

Layla Masri, President, Bean Creative

loic-tallon 2
Loic Tallon is Senior Mobile Producer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Chair of the Museums & Mobile Online Conference.   He spoke with us about mobile strategies for museums and gave suggestions on how to create successful museum apps.   Loic is an art historian by training, but […]

Loic Tallon, Senior Mobile Producer, Metropolitan Museum of Art

lori-byrd-phillips 5
Lori Byrd Phillips is the Digital Marketing Coordinator and Wikipedian-in-Residence at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. She is also highly involved in the GLAM-Wiki initiative, an international group of Wikipedians who assist cultural institutions in collaborating with Wikipedia in order to share multimedia content and cultural expertise. Lori talked with […]

Lori Byrd Phillips, Digital Marketing Coordinator, The Children’s Museum of ...

peter-gorgels 8
Peter Gorgels is responsible for the major redesign of the Rijksmuseum website, which coincided with the museum’s reopening after extensive renovations. Peter talked with us about the website’s role in opening up access to collections and marketing the museum, and how people are (and aren’t) engaging with the thousands of […]

Peter Gorgels, Internet Manager, Rijksmuseum

dave-patten 3
  Dave Patten is responsible for all public facing IT and AV, including interactive exhibits, at the Science Museum in London. Dave talked with us about connecting visitors to museum content, and the role technology plays in that process. The content is everything Visitors don’t visit museums for their tech. […]

Dave Patten, Head of New Media, Science Museum London

aaron-cope 4
Aaron Cope is part of the team reinventing the collections website for the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. Aaron talked with us about digital museum objects and what the future of online collections might look like. The Copper-Hewitt’s Manhattan building is currently closed for renovation (set to reopen in 2014). […]

Aaron Cope, Senior Engineer, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

Filippini-Fantoni 4
At the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), Silvia Filippini-Fantoni manages the Interpretation, Media and Evaluation Department, which is responsible for the development of analogue and digital interpretive content about the permanent collection, temporary exhibitions, and historic properties as well as audience research and evaluation. Silvia talked with us about how […]

Silvia Filippini-Fantoni, Director of Interpretation, Media, and Evaluation at the ...

carolyn-royston 9
  Carolyn Royston can be attributed with the impressive task of pioneering, developing and instituting the New Media Department at Imperial War Museums (IWM), a family of five related but distinct institutions located in the UK. Imperial War Museums include the IWM London; IWM North in Trafford, Greater Manchester; IWM […]

Carolyn Royston, Head of Digital Media, Imperial War Museums

charlie-moad 7
Charlie is essentially in charge of all technology at the museum including general IT maintenance, in addition to spear heading software development initiatives through the IMA Lab. The Lab consists of five developers and two graphic designers which is typically uncommon given the size of the institution. In addition, the […]

Charlie Moad, Acting CIO, Director IMA Lab, Indianapolis Museum of ...

Elycia-Wallis 7
  Elycia Wallis spoke with us about her many experiences at Museum Victoria with online collections and several other collections-based technologies.  It was a fascinating discussion that highlighted participation with museums in an online setting. Dr. Elycia Wallis, PhD is Manager of Online Collections at Museum Victoria in Australia, where […]

Elycia Wallis, Manager, Online Collections, Museum Victoria

ranti 7
We spoke with Ranti about museum website usability. What would be your top three reasons for improving access to museum audiences? Improving accessibility provides an equal opportunity to all users, increases diversity and if funding for the website comes from a government grant, it is a legal requirement. What technical […]

Ranti Junus, Systems Librarian, Michigan State University

Shana-Crosson 8
  Shana Crosson is the Web Content Manager and Technology Integration Specialist at the Minnesota Historical Society and has been for the last six years.  Currently her job revolves around preparing the Minnesota Historical Society for the digital delivery of K-12 content.  Shana is currently in revisions for a digital […]

Shana Crosson, Web Content Manager, Minnesota Historical Society

bruce-wyman 6
Currently an independent consultant for museums, Bruce Wyman was originally a marine biologist. While working at the New England Aquarium, he helped build the museum’s first website in 1995. From that point on, he continued to focus on integrating technology with museums at the aquarium and later with the MIT-connected […]

Bruce Wyman, Museum Consultant on Technology and Exhibitions

susan-chun 6
Susan is a researcher and consultant to cultural heritage organizations. She specializes in publishing; intellectual property policy and open content initiatives; information management; visualization; advanced search strategies; and multilingual content development and management. She leads several multi-institutional research and development projects in the museum and library community: She is a […]

Susan Chun, Founder, Steve: The Museum Social Tagging Project

sarah-toplis 8
As Commissioning Editor for Tate Collectives, Sarah manages and develops the digital strategy and ongoing schedule of digital projects for younger audiences at Tate. Tate Collectives is a youth art initiative run by and for young creatives, giving everyone the opportunity to reach their own conclusions about art. We spoke […]

Sarah Toplis, Commissioning Editor, Tate Collectives

tim-songer 6
Tim Songer, president and lead consultant at Interactive Knowledge, has worked in the field of educational media for over 20 years.  Tim’s personal journey took him from teaching high school to grad school to study instructional design.  Tim’s work on a grant for developing learning materials for an adult literacy […]

Tim Songer, President and Lead Consultant, Interactive Knowledge

seb-chan 9
Seb Chan leads the Digital, Social and Emerging Technologies department at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. Seb has a background in social policy, journalism and media criticism as well as information technology. Since the mid 1990s he has been building and producing websites and interactive media. At the Powerhouse Museum, […]

Sebastian Chan, Head of Digital, Social and Emerging Technologies, Powerhouse ...

nany-proctor 8
Nancy Proctor heads up mobile strategy and initiatives for the Smithsonian Institution, and is co-chair of the Museums and the Web annual conference. From 2008-2010 she was Head of New Media at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Nancy served as program chair for the Museums Computer Network (MCN) conference 2010-2011, and co-organizes the Tate Handheld conference […]

Nancy Proctor, Head of Mobile, Smithsonian Institution

matthew-fisher 6
Matthew Fisher is the President and Co-Founder of Night Kitchen Interactive, which produces educational interactives, social media solutions, marketing communications, interpretive installations, and online exhibits for museums. The company uses kiosks, touch-tables, mobile apps and websites to combine the vital storytelling functions of both picture and word. We asked Matthew […]

Matthew Fisher, President, Interactive Designer, Night Kitchen Interactive

paul-marty 8
Paul Marty is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Library and Information Studies at the College of Communication and Information at Florida State University. He has researched and written extensively on museum informatics, website usability and how people use information. He was also the Director of Information Technology […]

Paul Marty, Associate Professor, Florida State University

Queens-Museum 10
We had an interview with David Strauss, Director of External Affairs and Diya Vij, Designer and New Media Specialist of the Queens Museum of Art (QMA). The following includes a few key points that I found particularly helpful in regard to using social media for marketing and fundraising. Serving a […]

Diya Vij and David Strauss, Queens Museum of Art

david-schaller 9
On Tuesday, October 4, 2011, we interviewed David Schaller, and asked him about a variety of topics related to educational game play and interactive design. David Schaller is the founder and principal of, an educational digital learning game design firm based out of St. Paul, Minnesota. Since the company’s […]

David Schaller, Founder and Principal,

bart-marable 9
Bart Marable is an interactive designer that works independently with a variety of teams. He is currently the owner of his own company, Terra Incognita. For years he has been working with interactives since his years as a student. Intending to teach, he actually ended up becoming an interactive designer […]

Bart Marable, Owner and Designer, Terra Incognita

perian-sully 9
Perian Sully is working with Balboa Park Online Collaborative (BPOC), which is a group of 27 organizations located in Balboa Park, San Diego, California. She is responsible for digitization of objects, placing those collections online (either on the organization’s website and/or Flickr) and implementing a DAMS (Digital Asset Management System). Combining […]

Perian Sully, Project Manager, Balboa Park Online Collaborative

lowell-robinson 10
Our first guest expert interview focused on the topic of online audiences in museums. Lowell Robinson is an award winning designer, technologist and filmmaker. He is the Director of Online Engagement at the Exploratorium, where he leads a digital group focused on exploring online and mobile experiences. Lowell has experimented […]

Lowell Robinson, Director of Online Engagement, Exploratorium